Leadership Portland Spotlight: Elizabeth Lattanner

Leadership Portland Spotlight: Elizabeth Lattanner

Name: Elizabeth Lattanner
Company: Portland General Electric
Job: Strategic Communications

Why they got involved in Leadership Portland: 

As a newcomer to Portland in 2019 with a professional background in engaging in the most pressing public policy issues of the day, I am eager to learn about the region and how I can best get involved in addressing our region's challenges.

Why it’s important: 

I believe the private sector is positioned--in some ways better than the governmental or non-profit sectors--to quickly address the policy and equity challenges of our time. Initiatives like Leadership Portland help build the networks and develop leaders to tackle those pressing community issues.

Why Elizabeth loves the Portland region: 

The parks. My husband and I enjoy hiking and exploring the region, and we are frequent visitors to Wilshire Park for laps with our

Fun Fact: 

I grew up playing basketball and love sports. As a new mom to a four month old daughter, my husband and I are hoping to share a love of basketball with her through a nightly ritual of shooting baskets on a Fisher Price hoop.

About Leadership Portland 
Leadership Portland is a Portland Business Alliance program that broadens the perspectives of business leaders on the most critical issues facing our region while giving back through the program's community Impact Projects. Learn more at http://nylintranet.verticalblindshop.com/programs/leadership-portland.html.