Tri Met: An Opportunity Pedestrian Bus Stop Shelter Cleaning Services

Tri Met: An Opportunity Pedestrian Bus Stop Shelter Cleaning Services

TriMet is seeking qualified Contractors for pedestrian bus shelter cleaning services throughout the Portland Oregon Region.  On a daily basis, the selected Contractors will clean the approximately 1020 bus shelters located throughout the TriMet service area.  TriMet believes this project presents an excellent opportunity to grow its relationships with State Certified Small Businesses and expand the contracting opportunities available to those firms.

The areas designated for cleaning will be divided into 4 regions.  TriMet anticipates awarding up to 3 contracts for this project. A Contractor will be awarded one contract per region; a Contractor may not be awarded multiple regions.


Procurement and Timeline
Procurement Method:  Invitation to Bid
Procurement Time Line:  Issue proposal in mid-November 2021
Bids Due: December 2021
Notice to Proceed:  Spring 2022
Estimated Range:  $4-5 million total award

Contractor shall supply all labor, transportation, equipment, and materials, including but not limited to water, graffiti remover, and plastic trash bags to perform required tasks.

Areas of Work
  • Clean Pedestrian bus shelters
  • Clean benches, free standing benches & advertising benches
  • Clean & empty trash cans; install trash bags
  • Clean 15 foot radius around bus shelter
  • Pressure wash areas with cold water only (no soap)
  • Provide maximum cleaning without property damage

Cleaning Schedule
  • Every day of the week
  • No rush hour cleaning:  5:00 AM-10:00 AM; 3:00 PM-7:00PM
  • Emergency On Calls – 2 hour response time

Quality Control
  • Mandatory contractor cleaner training course with TriMet
  • Record keeping, reports, notifications
  • Cleaning standards
  • Employee safety equipment
  • Parking logo (parking pass) allows contractor to park work vehicle at bus stop parking locations while cleaning an area
  • Contractor identification patch
  • Vehicle warning lights
  • Safety precautions

Equipment Recommendations with Minimum Requirements
  • Truck Mounted Pressure Washer
  • Truck Mounted Fresh Water Tank
  • Truck/Trailer/Flat Bed Truck Vehicle with Minimum Payload of 3500 lbs.

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Contact Information
Gerald Fields                                                  
Contract Administrator                                 
[email protected]